Distribution, Import & Export

At STC Food Inc., we pride ourselves on our diversified global trade divisions tailored to meet the dynamic needs of the food industry. With over three decades of experience and a global network of partners, we have cultivated a robust framework designed to streamline distribution, import, and export processes seamlessly.

raw pork on cutting board


The Pork Division at STC Food is a testament to tradition and innovation. We offer an array of pork products that celebrate the rich flavors and diverse culinary applications of this versatile meat.

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Beef & Veal

Our Beef & Veal Division is the epitome of quality and craftsmanship. We provide a rich selection of the finest beef and veal from across the globe.

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STC Food’s Chicken Division stands for freshness, flavor, and versatility. From whole birds to specialized cuts, are sourced from top-tier farms that adhere to the highest standards of poultry care.

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raw salmon

Fish & Seafood

The Fish & Seafood Division at STC Food is a treasure trove of marine delicacies, where freshness and diversity are paramount. We proudly offer a vast selection of fresh and frozen fish alongside a rich assortment of seafood.

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